Synth DIY UK 2023

Room Booking

Please use this form to book rooms at Robinson College for the Synth DIY Weekend August 4th to 6th 2023.

Room rates: single £68 This includes breakfast in the refectory.

Add the rooms that you want to your cart and pay on checkout.

If you want multiple nights then click on "Continue shopping" to come back to this page and add another night.

PLEASE check your cart before paying!

Room Friday 4th Saturday 5th August



Please note the following:
  • Closing date for booking a room is 20th June. After that date I cannot book any more rooms in college.
  • Rooms are not finally booked until payment is received.
  • After payment, rooms can be cancelled at any time. However, refunds can only be given before 20th June. After that date payment cannot be refunded.
  • Due to Health and Safety regulations children are not allowed to stay in college.
Some other points worth noting:
  • Any mains-powered equipment brought to the Synth-DIY weekend must be safe. While we don't expect you to have run it through a PAT safety test, it should be 'best effort' safe.
  • Any mains-powered equipment deemed unsafe by the organisers will not be allowed into the event. We want everyone to leave in as healthy a state as when they arrive. Leo Sayer hair-style and smoking boots are just not cool any more, m'kay?
  • All property brought into college is the responsibility of its owners. The event rooms will be locked overnight so you can leave equipment set up if you wish.